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Whether it is about songwriting, enquiring about CDs released on Lara Natural Music or anything to do with the Olde Boston Tea Party, you can contact me as follows:


Mobile (cell): +44 (0)7740 950 067

By post: Charlie Boston, 2 Eaton Gate, London, SW1X 9BJ.



Maker of acoustic guitars, arch-top guitars, mandolins and other related instruments:
Andy Manson (

Maker of the unique “stealth banjo”: Scott Vestal (

Maker of dobros, mandolins and a general instrument technician: Ced Thorose (contact details on request)

Technician specialising in all types of guitar and related instruments: Bill Puplett (contact details on request)

Production and recording in London: Joe Leach (

Production and recording in Nashville: Mark Moseley (