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Lara Natural Music
The Olde Boston Tea Party
This contains information about my background as a song writer and access to all my published songs with words and chords. Here you can read reviews of all my published CDs and visit my online store to hear sample tracks and order CDs or downloads through PayPal and iTunes. Here you will discover the origins of the Olde Boston Tea Party plus details about its regular members and affiliates. Gigs are listed on the Blog page.

The “Natural” in Lara Natural Music refers simply to my love of music made by people in a natural way, rather than by machines. It is the antithesis of modern computer generated pop music, which I find cynical and boring.

My music encompasses various styles and influences. If I had to choose one description it would be folk music, but then Louis Armstrong once said “All music is folk music”. I think that is unarguable, given his further observation that he had never heard a horse sing a song.

Categorisation is ultimately pointless, particularly as we no longer have record stores. Duke Ellington once said “There are only two kinds of music; good music, and the other kind”. Whatever you want to call it, I hope my music falls into the former category.

All the best