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I founded this record label in 1999 in Chelsea, in the heart of London. It was set up to provide a marketing basis for “Truths and Fantasies”, my first CD of twelve original songs composed in a style influenced by American bluegrass and folk music. Altogether now I have published eight CDs.

Click on any of the images below to see my comments about each album, press reviews, details of the musicians involved and to order CDs or downloads.

Stringing It Together
The Olde Boston Tea Party

“Great British Bluegrass with musicianship and songwriting to match the best!”
Taff Martin, Abbey104 FM.

:: Discover more and listen to Stringing It Together

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Whites Creek Pike
Charlie Boston

'Quite unique in British country music' - Stewart Fenwick, Country Music & Dance Scotland

:: Discover more and listen to White Creeks Pike

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Bluestack Mountain Girl
Leanne Thorose

"Leanne can do no wrong with this' – Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville Radio, UK

:: Discover more about Bluestack Mountain Girl

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Out On The Ridge
Ced Thorose and Charlie Boston

'This is terrific' – June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA

:: Discover more about Out on the Ridge

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Back Across The Water
The Olde Boston Tea Party

'Quite excellent and in every sense a feel-good album' – Music Maker

:: Discover more about Back Across The Water

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Dogwood Place
Charlie Boston

'Undoubtedly Britain's number one bluegrass performer and writer' – The Advertiser

:: Discover more about Dogwood Place

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Diamond Back
Ced Thorose

'A brilliant album supported by some of the finest bluegrass musicians in the UK' – TMM

:: Discover more about Diamond Back

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Truths & Fantasies
The Charlie Boston Band

'Some of the best original bluegrass music I have ever heard ...pure magic' – Metro Country

:: Discover more about Truths & Fantasies

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Charlie Boston

'Brilliantly written and superbly performed. Makes you proud to be British'
– Country Music Round Up

:: Discover more about Driftwood

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