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Songs written and published by Charlie Boston

These include the songs from the albums:

All published songs are registered with the PRS for Music

Truths and Fantasies, Driftwood, Dogwood Place, Back across the water, Out on the Ridge, Whites Creek Pike


All Ablaze (E)

All you want to know

Archetypal Hero (Am)
Archetypal Hero (C#m)

As the sun goes down


Ballad of Oscar and Oona and the whale

Billy rode to town (Bm)
Billy rode to town

Black Smoke Risin'

Blue Misty Mountain

Blue Skies

Bright Light of the Town

Cabin on the Hillside

Cracks on an old Windowpane

Daring adventures of Oscar and Oona

Days of the long Shadows

Demons (D)
Demons (E)

Don't look back

Driftwood (C)
Driftwood (D)


Fairer than the Sunset (C)
Fairer than the Sunset

Fly like a Swallow (Eb)
Fly like a Swallow

Full Circle

Gone Forever

Gulf of Mexico

Half a Pot of Coffee

Here to Tennessee

House will Always Win

I miss you everyday

I wish that I could fly

If you just knew

In a Mexican Mood

In Beaujolais

In my Dreams (C)
In my Dreams (Eb)

Keep hold of your heart

Last leaves of autumn (Bb)
Last leaves of autumn (G)

Like Yesterday

Lone swallow calling

Long time coming down

Maybe I'm a dreamer (F)
Maybe I'm a dreamer

Memories (C)
Memories (E)

Michael (Sneaky Pete) Burton

Missing you again

Mixed emotions

No writing on this wall (A)
No writing on this wall (C)
No writing on this wall (G)

Nothing sad anymore

Oh, my Saviour (Fm)
Oh, my Saviour

Open air

Out of sight (A)

Out on the ridge

Please don't turn me away (C)
Please don't turn me away (E)

Second thoughts

Skylark on a Summer's Evening


Standards of their fathers

Steel Grey

Ten long nights (G)

That soft look in your eyes

Touch and Go

Trade with the Devil

Train bound for nowhere

Way it used to be (C)

Way out of time

We've come so far

What's good for you

Why (do I still love you in my dreams)
Why (G)

Why can't you love me

Wing and a prayer (G)
Wing and a prayer

Worn Out Ties (A)

Worn Out Ties (G)

You bring out the love in me

You really are an angel

You'll carry my heartaches away

Your love will hold me